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MS SQL Express 2012 and Tools

MS Sql Express 2012 64-Bit |Win7/Win8/Win10

MS Sql Express 2012 32-Bit |Win7/Win8/|Win10


CAP Pro 9 All stations

Software Icon CAP Sellwise Pro 9



Click here for the version notes VersionInfo.xls

Before downloading and installing make sure you have Out of Scope compliant hardware for processesing credit cards. Please make sure and have a registration before installing this version.

CAP Sellwise Pro 9 Install Check List Station 1 new installation

CAP Sellwise Pro 9 Check list for upgrading to a new PC from older versions on station 1

CAP Sellwise Pro 9 Install Check List Station 2 and up


Software Icon CAP HCom Pro 9


Software Icon CAP Backup Pro 9 - Contact CAP Software for download information

Supported Software

Software Icon CAP Sellwise Pro 8


* If using Pc-Charge or NetEpay contact Sales before upgrading for a new registration

* If using a Pax Device please update your drivers - Download Here


Software Icon HCOM Pro 8    01/30/2015

             CAP HQ Pro 8





Pervasive SQL Engines


software icon Pervasive SQL 10 Engine


software icon Pervasive SQL V8 Engine